Online Reputation is Important for Companies of Every Size

Many large companies that do hundreds of millions and billions of dollars in sales have their own PR departments. They can afford it. They also have people within these departments who understand what is involved in online reputation management and act as an in-house online reputation management team. Companies on that scale understand the importance and necessity of having a healthy and strong online reputation.

Mid-size and small companies have figured out today that the impact of their online reputation may be even more important to them than it is for those major companies and chains. There are two sides to this coin. The good news is that smaller companies can grow and succeed at a rate never before possible until the internet came to be. The potential growth and the amount of revenue a small company can make today has been proven time and again since the internet has opened an entire world to them.


Then there is the negative potential that is also a very real consideration for smaller companies. The impact a reputation has on a company will go a long way in deciding if those businesses will succeed and grow, or struggle and fail. In the same way the internet can be used to develop a good reputation is the same way it can be used to hurt or destroy a reputation. The simple truth is that smaller companies can’t afford the impact of having a negative reputation. Losing customers and substantial revenue for many small companies can often be too much to overcome.

When the dust settles, and the truth is plainly stated it becomes evident that online reputations matter for every company in every industry regardless of size. It may be easier on the financial front for larger companies to do what is necessary to shape a reputation that works, but the investment in an online reputation pays for itself. For both large and small companies alike, the impact will be felt and the effect will be considerable.

Large companies recognize that they can’t afford to not invest in their reputations and that their online reputation is of vital importance. This isn’t any less important for small companies and more mid-size and small companies are evaluating and investing in their online reputations than ever before. The internet has created the opportunity and now it is up to businesses to respond. The success of every company may depend on it.